Recipe – Android Studio App UI Kit Full Source Code


The recipe is a food social media mobile template app for restaurants and food bloggers. The template is user-friendly and easy to use. It allows you explore new recipes, creates your own recipes and allows people to comment, follow etc


  • Splash Screen
  • Sign Up Page
  • Login Page
  • Dashboard
  • My Recipe page
  • Explore page (for food blogging)
  • Settings Page
  • Extra three (3) free pages
  • APK Included
  • Documentation


  • Android Studio
  • Gradle 3.0 and above


Import the whole project into android studio and you’re go to go. 

Color scheme: This allows you change the app color scheme to a different color. You can do that by navigating to app/src/main/res/values/color.xml and change from the default (red) color to any color of your choice.

Images: The images or picture used in this template can be changed if the user wants to. To do that go to app/src/main/res/drawable


Recipe - Android Studio App UI Kit Full Source Code

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